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The challenge of living with Rheumatoid Arthritis

After the diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis, the patient feels invaded by negative thoughts and fear of the future, he begins to have doubts of how this disease will affect his day-to-day, this is hard to say because each patient will have a different journey, full of new experiences that he will have to face while living with the disease.

Today we want to help those who suffer from it with some tips to facilitate their daily routine, it will not always be easy to deal with this inflammatory process, that is why it is important:

  • Have a positive attitude to new challenges because life is worth living. You should focus your energy on the most valuable things and enjoy them: the pain will be present whether you do it or not.

  • Learn to accept limitations, evaluate activities and habits that were once simple and now become difficulties to overcome, but can be adaptable to the new situation.

  • It is essential to be active because it keeps the joints working and limits the progression of the disease, you can practice some non-pharmacological therapies, such as exercise and physiotherapy.

  • Express your pain, many times the relatives are not aware of the patient's needs, that's why you should explain what you feel so that they can understand you and so they will be your support throughout the process.

  • Follow a healthy diet, rich in fatty acids and amino acids from fish, fruits and vegetables.

  • Know all the help that you have at your fingertips such as associations, treatment options, among others. In addition, there are many groups on the internet that allow you to communicate with other patients with the same disease, to share experiences and establish new relationships with those who understand you perfectly, because they share your same problem.

  • Work on emotions such as sadness, anxiety, depression, and stress as they are negatively affecting the evolution of the disease.

  • Create a good relationship between doctor and patient, see if there are treatment options that can help you control the pain and the other symptoms of your disease.

Although there is no cure, not everything is lost, thanks to the evolution of modern medicine we have therapeutic alternatives for the benefit of patients, that's why Alpha Research Institute is dedicated to the search for new treatments, we have a clinical trial for this disease, if you have been diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, we invite you to participate as a volunteer. Contact us and register at All for a future without limitations.


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