About Us

Alpha Research Institute, LLC is one of the top Houston clinical research facilities. We have a leading team of doctors, medical personnel and research specialists offering phase II to phase IV clinical research studies. 

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Deepika Deol
Director. Alpha Research Institute, LLC.,

My name is Deepika Deol, My aim is to utilize a multidisciplinary approach to make clinical research simpler.

My energetic but calming demeanor puts my colleagues at ease. I am a strong communicator and believe in providing the best administration in clinical research. I enjoy collaboration and have no problem with asking for assistance.

I develop, lead and maintain the best infrastructure to bring the best care to our research studies, patients and my exceptional team.

I have a special focus on the development and implementation on the continuous quality improvement initiatives and data driven decisions.

I did my MD in 2015, have been in clinical research and developed and polished my knowledge. Have always been curious about new studies and inventions in medicine. Hope to make a difference. Have always been confident to excel in the field I have chosen.