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Alpha Research Institute, LLC is one of  Houston's top Clinical Research Facilities. We have a leading team of Doctors, Medical Personnel and Research Specialists offering phase II to phase IV Clinical Research Studies.


Rhea Anand, MPH. MS
Director Of Clinical Trials Operations 

Exposed to 10 years of experience in the healthcare industry, with a hands-down background in Phase I-3 and PMS trials with medical device companies & Hospitals, I have successfully completed  years running Clinical Trial Studies in 27 centers all over India for a German Medical Device Organization in Cardiology. I have consolidated Contractual Research projects with pharmaceuticals, which allowed me to work on both prospective and retrospective studies, Phase I and Phase II, in the field of Intensive Care Unit (Critical Care) & Cardiology. Being a core leader in  studies like Diabetic Retinopathy, RA, Constipation related, Biological sample stipulation, Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, Colorectal Cancer, NASH, and COVID-19 studies at multiple sites in the United States, I have helped build continuous quality implementation and initiated multidisciplinary decisions. 


Graduating from Monash University, Australia, built a solid foundation of research ethics within me. from Protocol development closely with the Sponsors/Investigators, Site feasibility check to Site initiation, Budget & Negotiations, Monitoring, and Ethics Committee regulations, I ensured smooth conduct of the study building my Project Management skills. I also hold a very diligent efficiency in terms of cross-functional communications to assure project timelines are met.


My core competencies have proven to be a great, enthusiastic team player, which provides 100% input to achieve the best of the outcomes. Since I belong to an Indian origin, my education from England and Australia has helped me diversify as a person, therefore adaptability & working with in-house and outsourced teams is my strong asset. 


Exercising important elements of a working system, as 70% of my job profile allows me to travel across the country, working with different team members in a different physical environment, it challenges my ability to analyze problems at each step. This strengthened my skills to diagnose problems quickly and more effectively as I confronted them all along. Having the passion for research and my energy and calming demeanor puts my team members at a great level of ease, to communicate, engage and collaborate in decision-making and goal achieving.


I look forward to implementing my  functional competencies in development and deployment of clinical solutions to support medical informatics, enabling delivery of patient care smoothly and advancing through Clinical Research Methods. 


Ms Pamela Iglehart
Director of Alpha Research


Dr. Ugochi Ekeocha
Sr. Clinical Research Coordinator

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Maria Diaz
Clinical Trials Coordinator (Site)


Chiamaka Idoko
Clinical Trials Coordinator (Site)

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Valerie Thomas
Phlebotomist/Clinical Trials Coordinator

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Angelica Gutierrez
Alpha Sleep Center Coordinator

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Carolina Gonzalez
Clinical Trials Admin Coordinator