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Why should my kid participate in a clinical trial?

A clinical trial is a research study developed by health professionals. Its objective is to find new ways to prevent, detect, or treat diseases, and to be able to analyze the benefit, safety, and tolerance of a new treatment.

The participation of children in clinical trials of all ages is of utmost importance: a child's metabolism changes from birth to adolescence. Just like adults, children also suffer from various diseases. Clinical trials help develop ideal medications and determine the appropriate dose for each age, reducing all possible risks. Due to misinformation, the fatal mistake of administering a lower dose of adult treatments has been seen before, leading to noticeable side effects.

These trials also help define medications that are best consumed by children, which can be in the form of chewing gum or gummies. Rest assured, every syrup a child consumes today has gone through a similar process.

There are a lot of kids out there. Why should my child participate? Because of rare or specific illnesses, parents might fear the interventions during a trial. However, all existing treatments had to go through this clinical research process. Common medicines for cancer, cough, flu, etc., have a high safety and efficacy because enough child volunteers participated and wanted to help patients who would need this remedy in the future.

I'm scared. What if something happens to my child? It is common for parents to deny permission due to misinformation. Unfortunately, this slows down the process of discovering new treatments. It is important to confidently ask all questions about the study. Each protocol is carried out by specialized medical personnel, so we can be sure that the objective will always be for the wellbeing of the pediatric patient.

You are still welcome to withdraw at any time, but your participation contributes to science and will help children with illnesses, but no current treatment. Other benefits include the possibility of gaining access to drugs that are not yet on the market and you will be helping this group in the future. You will also be able to receive more information about the questioned disease and receive incentives for your participation.

If you have any questions about clinical trials, visit our website for more information and find out where you can help other kids!

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