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Donors with Alzheimer's disease


Alzheimer's disease

If you are over 18 years old and have been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, you may qualify for our research. 

With your participation you will receive monetary compensation and the satisfaction of helping to develop new treatment technologies.

Alzheimer's disease is a progressive neurologic disorder that causes the brain to shrink (atrophy) and brain cells to die. Alzheimer's disease is the most common cause of dementia and it is a continuous decline in thinking, behavioral and social skills that affects a person's ability to function independently.


* Diagnosis by a specialist (neurologist)

* Sign the informed consent

* Willingness to donate 5 blood samples of 8.5 ml of blood

* Must live in Houston, Texas


If you know someone who meets these requirements, they can fill out the form by clicking on the button, we will contact them immediately.

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