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Myth versus reality: what you need to know about clinical trials

Clinical trials are essential in the research for new treatments, they could not happen without the participation of volunteers of different ages, genders, races and ethnicities. However, there is a lot of uncertainty about them, so we want to clarify some common doubts that you should take into account when deciding to participate:

If I participate in a clinical study will I be treated with unsafe drugs?

This is false, there is a misconception that volunteers will be treated experimentally. Each drug goes through a rigorous testing process, carefully supervised by the scientific medical team to ensure the safety of the patient and all volunteers.

Can clinical trials be painful or unpleasant?

In the use of drugs, there is always the possibility of having some side effects. However, at the beginning of a clinical trial the participant will be informed of these possible adverse effects so that he/she can evaluate whether or not to participate.

Can I change my mind once I enroll in the clinical trial?

Participants in clinical trials are enrolled on a voluntary basis, if for any reason you no longer wish to continue at any time you can drop out, even if you have already received the treatment.

Does the participant pay to be in a clinical trial?

The costs and testing in the clinical trial are usually covered by the sponsor of the research. However, there may be costs that are not covered by the sponsor such as travel to and from the medical center.

Who provides the funding for the clinical trial?

Scientific research is funded primarily by non-profit organizations, the pharmaceutical industry and governmental entities, all with the purpose of finding therapeutic solutions to the diseases that plague us today.

As described above, patient health and safety is the top priority in clinical trials, and it is important to understand that your participation contributes to science by helping children and adults with currently untreated health conditions. They may also receive financial benefits from participation.

If you are in the Houston area, you can participate as a biological sample donor in one of our clinical trials, visit and find the one that is most beneficial for you. For your time and participation you will get a financial compensation of $50.


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