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Autoimmune diseases: When your own body attacks you and you don't know what to do

Can you imagine your body being a threat to itself? And that it could become a disease, due to its simple failure, making your body attack your own cells, tissues, or organs, therefore affecting your quality of life, putting your health and well-being at risk?

Normally, the immune system works as a defense mechanism that can distinguish between foreign cells and its own cells. Within an autoimmune disease, the immune system mistakes portions of its own body as unfamiliar, releasing proteins called auto-antibodies that attack healthy cells.

Generally, autoimmune diseases are thought to be relatively uncommon, but their effects on mortality and morbidity are significant. The overall prevalence of autoimmunity is approximately 3 to 5% in the general population. However, ironically, despite enormous advances in the diagnosis and treatment of these autoimmune diseases, there is still little information about the origins of these pathologies.

Additionally, many people who have this type of disease do not find relief from their pain due to the lack of treatment and knowledge regarding the disease. From time to time, they can attend different doctors who do not provide an accurate diagnosis due to the insufficient information and research concerning these types of conditions. Accordingly, different patients have described their routine of exhaustive care and the consumption of many medications to help them control the symptoms of their disease, which may not manage to treat all their problems. This could lead to side effects that affect their wellbeing, creating sadness and distress, caused by not knowing what type of life they may have due to the deterioration of their health.

Here are some important examples of the experiences of some people who have autoimmune diseases today.

Presently, there are efforts aimed towards searching for treatments and identifying the causes, as well as the progression, of this type of illness. Thanks to the advances of the scientific community, clinical trials carried out today can help recognize new therapeutic alternatives for autoimmune diseases.

At Alpha Research, we have clinical trials that allow us to contribute to the research and the study of different autoimmune diseases, to better understand these conditions and seek treatments that help improve people's quality of life. If you would like to learn more, visit and sign up for one of our studies. You will make a great impact on your life and the lives of others, by helping science and healthcare.


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