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Blood, urine and biological samples from infants


The blood sample evaluates the concentration of glucose, hemoglobin or white blood cells in the blood. This can help detect problems, such as a disease or medical condition.

Urine samples, on the other hand, are used to detect and monitor a wide variety of disorders, such as urinary tract infections, kidney disease and diabetes.

That is why our clinic is working to collect blood and urine samples from healthy children to detect disease and provide preventive treatment before it progresses.

Stool collection is done by stool culture, which is a laboratory test to find organisms that can cause disease and gastrointestinal symptoms.


The contribution of the sample facilitates the detection of early disease, favoring the formulation of medications that help reduce complications in the future.


Parents who are willing to let their children donate these samples to science will help formulate medications that can help the health of many lives.  Participants must arrive at our clinic with a scheduled appointment, and there they will have their sample collected, for which they will receive $50 along with transportation.

We are a call or message away from answering all your questions and queries or if you would like to learn more about the study