Are you having fewer than three bowel movements in a week? Is your stool hard and dry? Is it affecting your daily performance and quality of living greatly? Has every other treatment failed or has not resolved upto the mark? We have a study for you that can change the treatment of constipation and by participating in the study you can help millions around the world.

About the study. It’s an orally administered non-biodegradable capsule. It achieves its purpose by mechanically inducing a bowel movement in the large intestine.


It mechanically induces a peristaltic wave in the large intestine, vibrations impinging on the gastrointestinal wall, consequently inducing peristaltic activity which promotes transit and facilitates defecation. It’s of small dimension, easy to swallow and you will be compensated up to $500 for your time and effort.

We are a call or message away from answering all your questions and queries or if you would like to learn more about the study